Thursday, May 18, 2006

Worse than working in a cubicle

I'm ashamed to say that I get a good portion of my daily news comes from a little thing called "captive network" . Which is basically a little TV in the elevator that trys to sell me things and tells me the news and weather on my way to and from the 31st floor in my office building.

Today it told me about bars in China where you can pay to relieve stress by punching someone who won't hit you back, kind of like a half-assed fight club.

Whenever I think my job is bad, I am going to think about that poor Chinese woman going to work every day and getting punched by stressed out office workers.

Monday, May 8, 2006

I'm everywhere you want to be.....or something.

Thai food delivered: $12
Wine: $10
Underwear: $20
Donnie Darko from Netflix: $10/month unlimited
Having the apartment to myself because roommate got a boyfriend: priceless*

* I didn’t pay for all of these things on my MasterCard, mostly because I don’t in fact have a MasterCard, but still do you think they would use it?