Thursday, July 5, 2007

What's Wrong with American Fashion

Crocs are still the biggest thing wrong with fashion in the world. And I would be tempted to say that the second most grossly offensive thing is the 80’s resurgence, but really it just makes me giggle. No, the second most infuriating and offensive thing in the world of fashion is undoubtedly American Apparel.

Exhibit A: Hello Ladies, American Apparel hates you, now please spend $50 on this metallic swimsuit.

1) The clothes for men, babies and children are normal and simple. The clothes offered for women are almost exclusively metallic, spandex, and hideous (as seen here)

2)You are asking for it, and if you aren’t asking for it, you should be. It’s no secret that the powers that be at AA are huge mysogistic perverts. Their ads (as seen here) feature young and underage women in unambiguous soft-core porn poses. And the sexual harassment lawsuits from employees (senior partner Dov Charney reportedly asked a young store employee to have sex with him, exposed himself to several employees and conducted board meetings nearly nude) Oh and he also thinks that you are asking for a beating, “women initiate most domestic violence.” Charney asserts.

Exhibit B: Sure our clothes weren’t made in a sweatshop, but that doesn’t mean that we give a flying fuck about worker’s rights.

According to this article the “progressive” clothing chain that kills two hipsters’ birds with one stone (looking stupid and feeling superiorly good about ones self) hates unions almost as much as they hate women.

When American Apparel heard the news of workers wanting a union (and disputing things like no paid time off, lack of affordable healthcare, production methods, and (most shocking) treatment by supervisors) the management held captive meetings with employees, interrogating them about their union activities and sympathies, solicited employees to ask the union to return their union authorization cards and threatened to shut down the plant if the workers organized. Nice. Real “liberal.”

In a society where carrying a canvas bag proclaiming, “ I’m not a plastic bag!” seems to be the best we can hope for in the way of awareness and action, the antics and support for American Apparel is still as hideous as their clothing.