Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why Dora Stopped Exploring

She decided to go shopping instead. I guess we are supposed to be relieved that she’s not all totally tarted up Bratz style. But seriously? You can’t do any exploring in an outfit like that. Listening to the things my 14-year-old Little Sister faces between friends getting shot and boyfriends going to jail I realize that what a doll like Dora or my childhood favorite Strawberry Shortcake look like is of little to no consequence.

But I’d like to make the argument that it’s all the more reason to just leave them alone. These dolls aren’t for tweens, or even 8-year-olds, these are little girls these are marketed for, as in the 3-6 set. They are hopefully in the ever-shrinking period of innocence; a chubby tomboy with a backpack suits them just fine unless you tell them otherwise.

Girls have the rest of their lives to worry about their weight and talk about boys, give them a few years to make up adventure stories and appreciate the simple joy of a chubby strawberry scented head.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Best of Today

Today is kinda blah.

But the internets did have two cool things for me. These are my favorite bits of today:

1) Judge Judy Prank Calls! Ah, the prank call....a lost art.

2) Lego recreations of iconic photos. (The one above is my new wallpaper)Link

Friday, March 6, 2009

Pretty Pictures

I recently took an online portrait photography class. Click here if care. I have some focusing issues, but I'm still happy with how some of the photos came out. (It doesn't hurt that I'm friends with such pretty ladies)

Dying to see more? I'm now on flickr too.

Why I don’t care about your Anniversary*

My mom’s birthday was Monday, and her wedding anniversary was Tuesday. I remembered one of them, while my brother and grandparents remembered both, leading me to the following conclusion: You only care about/remember occasions that you celebrate. I have a birthday (ahem, April 22nd) and therefore remember other people’s birthdays.

I have no anniversary so therefore see no reason why I should celebrate other people’s. I’m convinced only married people care about other people’s anniversaries. Maybe it’s like some sort of club, or a competition, I’m not sure, but the small sampling of single peeps I surveyed agree.

*It’s not that I don’t care, per se, I am totally happy for you, really. It’s just not really about me, and I can only get so excited about things that aren’t about me.

My Stalker Grunted on my Twitter

Yes, I blog. Yes, I gchat. Yes, I check facebook more times a day than a person should. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t get irrationally annoyed by the pointless technological obsessions in which I don’t engage. Twitter chief among them.

“They are struggling because they have confused new with good.” EXACTLY.